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Most Relevant Projects for Energy Consultancy and Engineering

2007. Energy efficiency in new engineering projects in industry. Development of a methodology for assessment by public administration. Contractor: ICAEN (Catalan Energy Institute), Barcelona, Spain.

2005-2008. Advanced energy management system. Consultancy for the development, installation and monitoring of an advanced energy management system integrating heat pumps, solar adsorption and desiccant cooling, ground heat exchanger and earth storage. Contractor: Immosolar. Palma de Mallorca, Spain.

2004-present. CCStaR - Concentrating solar collector with stationary reflector. Technical assessment to the ongoing industrial development of the company "Tecnología Solar Concentradora SL" (Barcelona, Spain), co-participated by energyXperts.BCN and with the financial support of CIDEM (Generalitat de Catalunya).

2004-2005. 360 kW (510 m2) solar thermal system for an industrial washing process. Project planning and survey of execution. Customer: Parking Service Castellbisbal S.A., Castellbisbal (Barcelona, Spain).

2003-2005. TranSOL. Development of a software for the simulation of solar thermal systems. Software developed and commercialised by Aiguasol Enginyeria based on the program TRNSYS. [www.aiguasol.com]

2004. Combined heat and power. Basic project for a 2 MWe combined heat and power plant in a paper industry. Contractor: Masa Dekor S.A., Cardedeu (Barcelona, Spain).

2003-2004. Eco-Quarter Trinitat Nova. Feasibility study and optimisation of a centralised heat supply system (district heating network) fed by combined heat and power (CHP) and solar thermal energy.

2003. Hybrid solar thermal and biomass power plant. Feasibility study for plants of 3 and 10 MWe in the south of Spain. Study contracted by Metatron Energías Renovables S.L., Barcelona.

2002. Barcelona Forum 2004. District heating and cooling network. Optimisation of the system formed by steam turbines, cold generation system and distribution network, by means of TRNSYS calculations. Study realised in the framework of the EU-project Barcelona Renovable 2004, co-ordinated by Barcelona Regional S.A.

2001. Energetic optimisation of the system for malt drying at the factory of Heineken España S.A. (Cruzcampo) in Sevilla, Spain. Application of heat pumps, heat recovery and solar thermal energy. Project contracted by Heineken España S.A..

2001. Industrial solar cooling system with adsorption chiller. Factory of Guetermann México in Cuernavaca, Morelos (México). Assessment to the company Modulo Solar (Cuernavaca, México) for the design of the solar thermal subsystem and for the development of flat plate collectors with selective coating.

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