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energyXperts offer the service of energy audits, consultancy and design of energy efficient heat and cold supply in industry:


1. Fast Energy Audits and Generation of Proposals for Improvement of Energy Efficiency


Based on data submitted in form of a questionnaire and (if necessary) completed by telephonic interviews energyXperts offer low-cost fast energy audits by distance. If desired these fast audits can be completed by an on-site visit.

The audit results will be used to generate proposals for improvement of the energy efficiency and the reduction of  emissions, including a pre-feasibility analysis (approximate energetic and economic evaluation).

The methodology applied by energyXperts is based on international best-practice in energy auditing that is currently collected and further developed within the European project EINSTEIN (Expert system for and INtelligent Supply of Thermal Energy in INdustry).

If you are interested in a fast-audit in your company, please fax your order and submit your data. You can download the forms here:


Order form for a fast energy audit

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Audit Questionnaire

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Pre-audit check list

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2. Detailed Energy Audits


energyXperts can carry out a detailed analysis of the energy consumption in your plant (including visits on site, measurements, etc.), giving a solid basis for the development of saving measures and the detail design of improved alternative systems.


3. Comparative Analysis and/or Basic Project for Energy Efficiency Measures


In a comparative analysis of different possible measures for improving energy efficiency a pre-design of several possible alternatives is carried out, in order to pre-select the most appropriate solution. In the comparison of alternatives economic, financial, energetic and environmental parameters are taken into account following the priorities and requirements as specified by the client.

A basic project defines a given energy efficiency measure to a detail sufficient so that the corresponding investment decisions can be taken. The basic project includes:

  • basic hydraulic scheme of the system

  • dimensioning and selection of the main components of the system (including obtaining offers from suppliers)

  • calculation of fuel consumption and energy savings

  • economic and financial analysis

  • optional: preparation of documentation for public funding and support programmes


4. Detail Engineering


energyXperts can carry out the detail engineering and survey of execution for your plant.


5. Turn-Key Installation and Project Financing


In collaboration with their partners energyXperts can offer turn-key installation, maintenance and operation of the plants. energyXperts also offer third-party and mixed financing schemes for your plant. 

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